Andreww – © Manuel Nagel – 4 – High Resolution

TOTW: Andreww – Medusa

Working for names such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Versace and Valentino, Andreww storms into 2021 with the focus of purely creating art without any pre-existing obligation to any particular genre, resulting in a wholly unique soundscape that’s entirely authentic to him.

Embracing his vulnerability and sharing it with the world, Andreww bares his soul in ‘Medusa’ via intimate and introspective lyricism that is both deeply personal and widely relatable. Paired with complex and intricate production, ‘Medusa’ sounds like an epic, nostalgic journey from one peak of pop music history to the next and stands as a testament to Andreww’s declaration of love for music as an art form. 

“As much as people didn’t want to look at Medusa they still did. It’s the same with toxic relationships. No matter how bad they are for you, you can’t help but stay in them. ‘Medusa’ is about these toxic relationships and all the two-faced feelings that come with them. The inner conflict also reflects in the music; clashing trap, grunge and pop against each other kind of shows that things that sometimes aren’t meant to together, still end up staying together.”

The synergy between visuals and the track sees the Berlin-based artist creating one of the best music videos we have seen in 2021 as it putting a modern spin on grunge leaving us wanting more from this new artist

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