TOTD: Der Mist – It’s Alright

Hailing from Glasgow indie electronic power duo Der Mist presents an introduction to their self-titled debut album with their first single ‘It’s Alright’.

At first listen the track is reminiscent of noughties Indie bangers such as Kids by MGMT & In The Morning by Junior Boys. Striving with energy and passion ‘It’s Alright’ echoes of the giants of 80s synth-pop and rock but with a contemporary edge. As classic as this track sounds it still strives of modernity as the lyrical message seems so pertinent to the times we’re living in, another Cornavirus Anthem?

“We had so much fun trying to channel our inner 80’s child (even though I wasn’t born then), trying to get something unique and fresh but also something that evokes that nostalgic feeling. Lyrically the track harkens back to the uncertainty I and I’m sure a lot of people had growing up and just having the confidence to tell yourself everything is going to be ok.”

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