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Born from the smouldering embers of celebrated British punks, The Violent Hearts put a distinctive spin on the classic punk influences that formed their musical DNA. The band give us an exclusive preview to their new single ‘Terminal’ which featuresa sense of nostalgia taking you back through moments of history caught on VHS.

The track is surfing a wave of thundering drums, rumbling basslines and stabs of stormy guitar all unpinned by intoxicatingly rich vocals, The Violent Hearts post-punk groove swings with such confident swagger, you think the band were seasoned veterans, not relative newcomers.

Stripping everything back to a minimalist core, the band capture a sound the evokes an era where The Clash, The Jam and the Buzzcocksreigned supreme. However, while casting a nostalgic, romanticised look backwards, The Violent Hearts have their eyes forward as they prepare to release their long-awaited debut album.

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