Maud Baby Girl

TOTD Norwegian dark electro-pop producer Maud kicks off the new year with latest single ‘Baby Girl’

Dark, cutting and shrouded in attitude, Killing Moon’s Norwegian born artist and producer Maud is back with her second teaser track ‘Baby Girl’ from her upcoming debut due later this year. Having landed a cover on Deezer’s ‘New Electronic’ playlist with her last single ‘Bad Things’, Maud’s follow up is nothing short of a hot concoction of atmospheric beats and introspective lyricism.

Diving into the depths of darker electronic music yet surfacing with lighter, ethereal vocals, Maud casts her influences further afield in ‘Baby Girl’ as it reaches its enveloping instrumental crescendo towards the end. Propelled by intricate yet industrial-inspired production and her forceful front, this track is yet another depiction of Maud’s ease in blending more traditional electronic pulses with her neo-dark wave flair.

Highlighting feelings of anxiety, loneliness, growth and reflection, ‘Baby Girl’ is a stirring sequel to Maud’s album teasers.

 Maud says: “Baby Girl is an ode to becoming an adult. These stages of life can be filled with a lot of uncertainty and restlessness, because we don’t know yet who we are or who we’re going to be”.

Check Out ‘Baby Girl’ Here:

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