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Killing Moon Best of 2020 Round-Up

Killing Moon has certainly endured a turbulent year alongside the wider music industry at large from the very first announcement regarding the pandemic status of COVID-19. Yet through persistence, resilience and adaptability, Killing Moon has emerged on (what is starting to feel like) the other side feeling positively indestructible for the year ahead. After all the only guarantee for failure is to stop trying.


2020 in 3 words:

Real Fucking Hard.

A Lockdown Silver Lining:

Prior to lockdown, I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t even capable of having the energy required to be happy; I was exhausted all the time. Lockdown provided a means, whether I liked it or not (and I didn’t like it one bit, at the time), to live in my overly-analytical head whilst I was working for another company that I fucking hate(d) alongside a lot of other things in my personal and professional life that were just blowing up in my face. It felt as if I couldn’t do anything about anything, and I can’t recall a time where I have felt so powerless, which for a lot of egotists such as myself is a tough pill to swallow. So, I’ve learned a few things, both about myself and the world I am living in. I’ve learned to adapt. I’ve learned that people will come and go out of my life and I have no right or ability to prevent that. I’ve learned how to fight back when it’s appropriate to do so and I don’t have to be the nice guy all the time, especially with people who ongoingly take advantage of good graces.

I’ve learned to stop feeling guilty under the weight of other people’s regrets or expectations. I’ve learned to trust and love people again. So, basically, I’ve got confidence again for the first time in a great will. That’s pretty valuable.

How should the music industry change in a post-covid 19 world? 

It often takes a disaster for a miracle to happen. We’ve discovered in economic terms that we can’t actually survive without each other; something reflected for example in AIM’s Crisis Fund and how willing the trade body was to help funnel money to those who aren’t members. As awful as it sounds, I have believed for some time that the music industry has needed to be destroyed, logically in order for us to start again and get things right this time. I’m just sad it has come at such a terrible price, especially to my friends working in live music.

Top 5 Releases (in no particular order, apart from Deftones obvs)

  • Deftones – Ohms (Album)
  • Run The Jewels – RTJ4 (Album)
  • Marsicans – Ursa Major (Album)
  • Bad Nerves – Bad Nerves (Album)
  • Maud – Bad Things (Single)

Favourite New Artist Discovery: Snake Eyes. We’ve just signed them and I’m stoked for their next release.

 New Year Mantra or Haiku:

I’m just nicking some of the lyrics from a Deftones song I’m obsessed with called Genesis, which I feel are relevant to this chapter in my life:

We’ll start again

Taste a lifestyle that never gets old

Yet here we go

Just watch how wild it gets

I finally achieve (balance)

Approaching a delayed (rebirth)

Climbing out of the ashes

We’re turning time inside out

We’re floating off in the ether

We’re miles beyond the sound


2020 in 3 words:

My Best Year

A Lockdown Silver Lining:

Before the pandemic I was out 24/7 drinking, going to gigs and not taking care of my health as much. Being in lockdown showed me that I can be a lot more introverted and put my focus into things that would excel my career than going out and waking up hungover / not being able to function properly the majority of the time. I started making TikTok’s and putting out my own music and it’s honestly made me a lot happier. It’s giving me way more social media knowledge when planning artists social media campaigns.

How should the music industry change in a post-covid 19 world? 

I think the music industry has to come together more as a family, even though other companies are our rivals we should be helping each other to keep the industry alive rather than being at each others necks with the egos flying around 24/7 pre Covid.

Top 5 Releases

  • Jeremy Zucker – Supercuts (Single)
  • Thyla -Fade (Single)
  • Yungblud – Weird! (Album)
  • Genghar – Sanctuary (Album)
  • Hongza -December (Single)

Favourite New Artist Discovery: THEO. She’s so fucking awesome & has an amazing voice!

New Year Mantra or Haiku:

Baby You’re a firework,

Come on, show ’em what you’re worth

Make ’em go, “Oh, oh, oh”

As you shoot across the sky


2020 in 3 words: Absolute Mad One

A Lockdown Silver Lining: I learned that being busy and ‘productive’ 24/7 wasn’t always the best or healthiest thing for me. Getting off the ongoing machine of work was particularly hard and led to a lot of feelings of guilt and anxiety but it was time to face facts. It wasn’t sustainable. I’ve learnt the value in rest and working smarter.  Surprisingly I haven’t had a cold once this year compared to my usual 7. 

How should the music industry change in a Post-COVID world? 

COVID-19 has really shed light on the importance of valuing the arts and creative culture. At the same time, ironically, the government still hasn’t. Hopefully losing the live industry this year has been an awakening for monetising other avenues for creatives ie. streaming revenues, independent merchandising, supporting local venues and music scenes. The music business model has to change, and what better time than the present. 

Top 5 Releases

  • The Howl & The Hum- Human Contact (Album)
  • Fontaines D.C.– A Hero’s Death (Album)
  • Phoebe Bridgers– Punisher (Album)
  • Sinead O’Brien- Most Modern Painting (EP)
  • Document- A Camera Wanders All Night (EP)

Favourite New Artist Discovery: Holly Humberstone 

 New Year Mantra or Haiku:

Corona Lockdown

Embracing cowboy sunsets

Orville Peck, that’s right

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