Black Woman Press Photo 2 – Credit_ Matt Barnes

Introducing: ‘Alt Therapy Session 2’ Emanuel

Soothing, comforting & soulful Emanuel’s sophomore EP ‘Therapy Session 2: Transformation’ is magnificent in its finest element. Produced by Grammy Award winner Supa Dups and featuring reggae icon Emanuel has achieved international acclaim for his undeniable talent and introspective, emotionally charged music.

Merging elements of R&B, Bedroom Pop & Neo-Soul the Toronto based singer soaks listeners in his cultivating vocals that are reminiscent of Frank Ocean. With over 13 million global streams, the first-generation Canadian has had a breakout year establishing his artistry through meaningful, expressive music in a time he describes as a “renaissance of beautiful black art in the world.”

Walking through a lengthy river of subtle instrument textures ‘Magazines’ begins with intimacy & eventually hits a crescendo’s that takes you into a dream-like state with Emanuel’s falsetto improvision. The singer says that the opening track is “a projection of the observation that there are a lot of people who are desperate for wealth gratification and are trying to fill their broken hearts with a whole lot of nothing.” 

The second offering Black Woman’ is a moving, celebratory ode to the resilience of Black women Praised for Emanuel’s stirring vocals and resonating message, ‘Black Woman’ has been received with wide acclaim including being named one of the 10 Best Canadian Songs of the Month by Complex

Emmanuel proves himself yet again to be a rising talent that will take over the universe one-day. His voice paints endless emotion on a blank canvas filling it with depths of colour and imagery.

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