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TOTD: ‘Unrequited’ Chili Palmer

Delicate, smooth and profound, Chili Palmer release their culminating, soul-searching single ‘Unrequited’ which features on their debut six-track self-titled EP out now via Fierce Panda.

Bathed in warmth and sincerity, ‘Unrequited’ draws you into the heartfelt confessions of vocalist Albert Gold who leaves you merciless to his enchanting, soulful voice. Depicting a tale of growth, love, and loss, Chili Palmer explore the highs and lows of relationships and heartbreak. Infused with dazzling harmonies and grounding, minimalistic accompaniment, the stripped-back instrumentals give Gold the perfect platform to convey his powerful storytelling with little distraction. 

‘Unrequited’ proves to be a shining ode to hopeless romanticism amongst its EP counterparts. While the rest of the EP captures Chili Palmer’s more experimental, funk-infused side with tracks like ‘S.I.T’ and ‘A.O.M.L’, ‘Unrequited’ takes it back to basics and illustrates the duo’s ability to construct the perfect ballad.

Check Out ‘Unrequited’ Here:

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