‘Souvenir’ Irene Skylakaki

Delicate and profound, Irene Skylakaki’s fourth album ‘Souvenir’ is a particularly captivating offering from the Greek alt-folk songwriter. Embellished with lighter percussion and haunting harmonies but also rooted in a distinctive darker, more rocky influences, ‘Souvenir’ blends a vibrant mix of themes such as love, hope, growth and loss.

Dancing around her perfectly constructed backdrop of synth, keys and twinkling guitar licks, Skylakaki’s stand-out tracks from her latest album are  ‘Souvenir’, ‘Thank You. For Good Science’ and ‘Dreamy’. Interestingly, each seem to present a different outlook, taking on a different mood but still remain organic and true to Skylakaki’s soundscape making for an eclectic but smooth journey if listened to in its entirety.

Check Out ‘Souvenir’ Here:

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