Introducing: Midlight ‘Pandemonium’

Brighton-born alt-rock 4-piece Midlight release their stirring sophomore single of the year ‘Pandemonium’.

Starting out as high school friends writing songs in bedrooms and playing London’s live circuit, this quirky quartet have since banded together to build their very own studio from which their latest releases were brought to life.

Although outlined by delicate and nifty guitar licks and ethereal harmonies at the start, ‘Pandemonium’ possesses an unnerving underbelly serving justice to its title. The track hints at creeping reality that follows your every move like a shadow you can’t shake as you hurl yourself into overdrive, choosing to ignore something but it soon catches up to you. In turn, ‘Pandemonium’ plunges you into a dynamic amalgamation of screeching riffs, haunting lyricism and potent drums reminiscent of Thom Yorke’s disjointed story-telling style.

‘Pandemonium’ presents the perfect ‘outro’ credit track as we leave the strangest of years behind.

Check Out ‘Pandemonium’ here:

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