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TOTW- Jovian ‘Where’d U Go’

Entering the dark with this atmospheric hip hop track ‘Where’d U Go’ see’s Jovian create a shadowy dystopia with haunting synths and vocal samples that float gently over a heavy kick driven beat. Jovian moves between his idiosyncratic vocals and his ultra chill flow caking the track in a raw emotion that is encapsulated within his hard hitting lyrics.

As the soundscape takes on a brooding demeanour, the record intensifies in emotion as the Brooklyn based rapper showcases lyrics of mental health describing the feeling of isolating oneself that stems from not wanting help from others. Adding personality by way of Lo-Fi beats Jovian captures Hip-Hop soundscapes that remind you of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator & Earl Sweatshirt.

“Where’d U Go” is all about me acknowledging my inner anxieties & the realization that I have a lot more inner work to do. We all have this “loop” we deal with, whether it’s love life, work, or just life in general. I wanted to share that becoming aware & addressing these things is the first step to being “free”. I wanted to share that you’re not alone if you feel these sensations”

Where’d U Go follows the worldwide online and radio success of Better, 2 Young and Timothée Chalamet.

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