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Introducing: POESY ‘Diamonds’

Since her debut single ‘Soldier of Love’ landed in Canada’s ‘Billboard Top 40’ back in 2018 and the release of her EP ‘Glass Box Confessional’, the hotly-tipped Canadian singer-songwriter POESY is back with her euphoric latest single ‘Diamonds’. 

Effortless yet powerful, POESY concocts a rich soundscape drawing influences from pop, rock and folk leaving the listener at the mercy of her pitch-perfect melodies. Mirroring the likes of Florence and The Machine, POESY is a truly captivating artist destined for an unearthly path. 

Despite tapping into her darkest hours, ‘Diamonds’ glistens as a beautifully raw devotion to a lust for life and the passing of time. 

Check out ‘Diamonds’ video here:

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