Laurel Smith ‘Game Over’

North-London born singer/songwriter Laurel Smith releases her dark and compelling new single ‘Game Over’ which explores the dark corners and frustrations felt when you catch yourself in an endless cycle of self-doubt and hopelessness. 

‘Game Over’ plays out the various gloomy avenues taken when you allow your mind to wander too far into the darkest parts of your subconscious. Despite being written prior to the pandemic, the track captures the angst in confining yourself to four walls leaving little interaction for anyone outside your own company. In turn, you’re left to replay the same scenarios over and over again, as Smith says, “like a character in a video game, every time you die you are regenerated at the start”. 

Having had her first single of the year, ‘Candy‘, produced by MoFlo Music, this talented eighteen year old is certainly one to watch in the new year.

Merging the likes of hip-hop, dark synth-pop and electro, ‘Game Over’ acts as a sultry cautionary tale captured in a vivid, black mirror-esque style. 

Check out ‘Game Over‘ here:

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