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TOTW- Annabel Allum ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’

Stripped back, exposed and undoubtedly chic, Guildford-based singer songwriter Annabel Allum invites us into her Lockdown endeavours as she covers one of indie rock’s biggest tunes, ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ by Gossip.

Grounded in gritty guitar licks and rich, powdery vocals, Annabel diverts the quintessential noughties track away from its heavier crusade of turmoil towards a rather profound and reflective narrative. Western twangs add texture to the track’s newfound personality as Annabel perfectly captures the warmth and honesty of America’s alt-country singer/songwriter tones making her the ideal placement alongside van Etten and Angel Olsen on your weekly chill out playlists.

Having spent the best part of two months on tour with Gossip’s Beth Ditto back in 2017, SITWOC proves to be a fitting and humbling choice for the first instalment of Annabel’s ‘Lockdown Sessions’. As Annabel says “Beth’s words sit in the back of my mind ready to unashamedly comfort whenever I feel the conforming pressure of this industry, and I hope they do for you in some way too”.

Annabel Allum’s soul-searching rendition of SITWOC reflects larger, global feelings of uncertainty as we continue to navigate uncertainty during COVID-19. As Annabel outlines “this needed to be a process reflecting what this song makes me feel- like everything is ok, and the ground beneath my feet will keep me standing.”

Listen to SITWOC here:

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