With her debut album due in 2021, Norwegian electro-pop artist and producer Maud releases her first compelling teaser single ‘Bad Things’.

Armed with edgy production and Maud’s hypnotic vocals, ‘Bad Things’ acts as a dark and potent offering to a post-covid world as we continue to navigate uncertainty. Despite being written almost a year ago, before COVID struck the world, Maud highlights how ‘Bad Things’ may resonate now more than ever reflecting an overwhelming feeling of “disconnection from the world”. 

After releasing her debut single ‘Real’ earlier this year having been scouted on home turf by Killing Moon, rather ironically, Maud has navigated 2020’s uncertainties by grounding herself in her extraterrestrial soundscape.

Maud says “We just have to remember that we’re in this together and that the pandemic isn’t going to last forever. I hope people can relate to this song, knowing they’re not alone in feeling sad or anxious right now”.

‘Bad Things’ is a chillingly stylish single, enveloped in darkness and scattered with swirling lyricism. Maud’s sophomore single plunges you into a world that although may have once seemed distant, is now right on your doorstep.

Check out ‘Bad Things’ here:

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