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Serving as the follow up to his debut single ‘Gone’, this new offering embraces a change into more band-driven sound, featuring elements of ambient pop with thick layers of Shoegaze.

Honga’s sophmore release reminds us of dream-pop bands like Beach House and Canadian outfit Alvvays, ‘December’ is a song that instantly submerges listeners into an intoxicating dreamland opening up to 80’s gated drum tones, reverb drenched guitars and emotive vocals with honest lyrics.

“December came the day after I wrote Gone as an extension of my heartbreak at the time. It’s about the initial stages of a breakup where you feel like you’re going insane & all you want to do is talk to the person that is now out of your life. The stupid decision you made after day 1 of the break up has ruined that great relationship you had. I guess it’s an I’m sorry song.

Keep your eyes peeled as there is an EP coming towards the end of the year.

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