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TOTD Pace- ‘Boatman’s Weather’

Todays track of the day comes from Alt-Rock four-piece Pace. The London quartet’s new single Boatman’s Weather features layering vintage piano sounds with ambient guitars, that convey a feeling of understated emotion in their music and memorable lyrics. Lead singer Jamie Ley’s distinctive baritone also helps them stand out from the crowd.  He’s joined by Tillie Russell, Danilo Rodrigues and Michael Sheppard, whose varied but complementary tastes have helped shape their signature sound, highlighted in their new material. After a string of studio sessions with renowned producer Brett Shaw (Florence & the machine, FOALS)

That track is rich with emotion, dark and beautifully uplifting, it is a reflective look at simpler times of the past. Jamies vocal tones exudes maturity with flashes of insecurity, while the soaring instrumentals ebb and flow like the tide. Listening to the track, it’s easy to transport yourself to the ocean, which can be smooth as glass or violent and stormy. With Boatman’s Weather, Pace brings a new sense of raw intensity, forcing the listener to confront their truths head-on.

”Boatman’s Weather is a song close to our hearts. In a way it sums up everything we strive for as musicians, we layered harmonies over waves of textured guitars and synths, and Jamie’s expressive and melancholic voice sails on top. We wrote the song after a weekend away on the Hampshire coast, listening to the sounds of the ships as they passed along the Solent. We were inspired to write a song about being out at sea, feeling alone and weathering storms that life throws at you. It’s also a reflective look at mistakes you’ve made along the way. The track has naturally progressed into a highlight of our live sets where we can be even more expressive with the emotion in the song.”

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