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Interview – Man Of Moon

What is this, like Week 8 now? Covid-19’s impact on daily activities has become such a juxtaposition of time, space, Zoom chats, cancelled Zoom chats, Netflix binges, actual meal cooking and either falling asleep way too early or way too late that at times it feels like life has always been this way, and at others like it has only just started becoming so. Music press has been having a whale of a time of it, as has the music business, and indeed the world of course, as it feels like not so much of an adjustment to make at this stage in terms of coping, and more just a straight up burden to bear. This is just how I’m seeing it, of course. I’m not the media self-tasked with the intent and means to somehow try to present a what-to-do on daily basis to the world beyond my own get up-eat-work-eat again-sleep-repeat patterns. At some points I consider myself lucky that I do indeed have stuff to get on with that very much distracts me from the inevitableness of everything that’s happened and likely to continue to happen for some time; at others, I’m fucking pissed off that certain people are living out their dream of essentially taking a 20% pay cut to play Animal Crossing on the reg (which is just blind jealousy that I’m allowed to have, before you all start. The same jealousy I had of schoolkids long before this shit got real, that they got to clock off at 3.30pm and I, well, don’t). I am, of course, curious to find out how other peeps who are similarly trying to make something out of all of this in the context of music. Man Of Moon have recently become associates of the Killing Moon family by virtue of recent single Rust which we put out as part of the New Moons compilation series recently. What do they make of it all? Has Covid 19 presented more opportunities than it has crushed them (such as a certain recent Twitter poll run by @IndieOver40, which manager Jamie was very keen for the band to ultimately win which is really the only reason I’m mentioning it here)? Can we possibly talk about something, anything else? Dunno. I’ll ask em.

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May as well get this out of the way – other than offering your remix skills to the musical world, how has life been for you since the UK lockdown?

Chris Bainbridge (vocals, guitar): Hey! It was actually Mikey (drums) that did the Ride the Waves remix, but I’ve been keeping busy working on new music! I just recently moved into a new flat so iv been using this time to set up a sort of wee home studio in my room. Ive also been reading Mark Everett from the EELS auto biography which is fucking amazing if you haven’t read it, pretty sad at points but really interesting. Plus been walking loads in the local park and drinking about 20 cups of tea a day. 

The Scottish indie music scene is a very tight-knit one. How has this community been handling and dealing with the so-called ‘new-normal’ that’s befallen us all?

Yeah its been tough for everyone, so many amazing shows and festivals cancelled for the foreseeable but the Scottish music scene has, as always, been super supportive of each other and tried to make the best out of a shit situation. Its been really interesting seeing the way musicians and promoters have adapted to the ‘new normal’ by setting up live streamed shows for people to watch. I recently played a gig for ‘Tolbooth Stirling’ live streamed from my bedroom. It was the first time I had done something like this and wasn’t sure at all how it would go, but I really enjoyed it and it was so heartwarming to see folk be so supportive and engaged in the comments section after.

Different artists in the music world are reacting in different ways to the international lockdown. Is there a particular artist whose creative output during this time you’re a particular fan of?

I’ve really enjoyed the way Tim Burgess has brought people together through his twitter listening parties. The idea is that he invites everyone to listen to the same album at the same time and then tweet about it. The band gets involved aswell tweeting photos and unknown facts about the band/album. He recently chose ‘Dogrel’ by Fontaines DC which was one of my top albums last year! 

You’re more renowned for your personal brand of indie-rock, with big atmospheric and shoegaze elements. What drew you to doing remixes of various artists during this time, how did they come about?

Well, we knew last year after we released our EP ‘Chemicals’ that we wanted some artists to remix some of the tracks and they did, but we weren’t sure what to do with them at first. Once lockdown was announced though I had the idea that we could ask a few more artists from the Scottish music scene to be involved and create a collection/EP of remixes to release for people to listen to while in isolation. Its been so cool hearing different peoples takes on the songs and how they’ve changed them. Me and Mikey are both into lots electronic music, especially Mikey, so we thought it would be cool if we were involved as well. We recently released Mikey’s remix of Ride The Waves, which he really enjoyed making. I’m also working on a remix right now that will be released soon. We’re both really keen to be more involved in remixing from now on. 

Can you name some remixes (that aren’t yours) that you’re a big fan of? Or if not, we’ll accept the works of your favourite electronic and/or dance artists.

Some remixes that come to mind are Jona Ma’s (Jagwar Ma) remix of Shelter Song, originally by Temples. Me and Mikey used to put this on at parties all the time, its so good. If you haven’t heard it or you haven’t heard Jagwar Ma go check them out because they are fucking amazing! Another one is Vince Clark‘s remix of W.F.L originally by Happy Mondays. Total party tune, go check it out. Another remix I heard years ago was a drum and bass remix of Sabotage (Beastie Boys) by a guy called Shem. I thought it was the best thing I’d ever heard at the time, but I also thought it was the original and showed it to my mates… They quickly ripped the absolute piss out of me. 

What’s the first thing you would like to do ideally, as individuals and as a band, when this whole Covid 19 business is over?

I know it sounds cliche as fuck, but I’m just buzzing to get some beers with Mikey and go have a jam, I really miss jamming. Plus we’ve both got some new ideas so I’m excited to try them out. 

You’ve released through us via our New Moons compilation series earlier this year. Is there any more new music on the way?

Yeah absolutely! So very soon the full “CHEMICALS – THE REMIXES’ will be released and available on Spotify etc, but we also have our debut album ready to go. ‘Rust’ was the first track to be released from the album and more will follow very soon! We can’t wait to get it out. 

What’s otherwise coming up for Man Of Moon?

We’ve got some re-scheduled tour dates in September that have been announced which we really hope will be able to go ahead. Were both going to use this lockdown time to work on new material for album 2 and maybe even some more remixes, keep yer eyes peeled. 

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