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Bad Honey – ‘Blissfully Unaware ft. Sharkey + MEI’

Week three of self-isolation has kicked off in rather spectacularly similar fashion to the two weeks immediately preceding it. Although it’s noticeably less sunny out, I have stepped up the government-sanctioned “one exercise a day” element to actually going out for a solid one-hour walk along the Brent Reservoir, which has also proven useful in terms of abating the undetectable mood swings that seem to periodically pop into my behaviour. I’ll get tetchy for no single reason in particular, which in turn can actually be quite paralyzing when coupled up with trying to rationalise this whole situation. I’ve noticed the correlation of said-tetchiness and the incidence of news and/or social media watching (although both seem somewhat more necessary than perhaps they did before, ironically) is quite proportional, and so perhaps going the whole self-isolation hog by simply replicating what my previous working week used to look like – i.e. parking myself at work for 7-10 hours a day, just without the daily commute this time – isn’t really the right way to go. I might watch a Disney film this evening, instead of the news. Who knows. Either way, sonic relief comes in the form of neo-soul duo Bad Honey and their aptly-named track called Blissfully Unaware which features additional vocals from their mates Sharkey and MEI. The duo are from South London, released their new Awake Tonight EP, and have previously been bigged up by everyone from 1Xtra’s Jamz Supernova to Complex Magazine. All the props, really, along with all the aptly-named tracks and EPs given our current situation, as well as all the calm that a tetchy man could need under the circumstances. May as well put the entire EP on here then, right?

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