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Crash Adams ‘Astronauts’

I spent a sizeable proportion of this week actually listening to new music. Whilst there is a delicious irony attributed to an A&R person writing that statement, I realise now that due to circumstances largely outside our “our” respective end of control (but very much in that of others) I’ve probably spent more time travelling on the north circular to/from my parents’ house (which is effectively my brother’s right now, my folks are having the kitchen done up so they’ve moved in with him for a bit) than I have doing the thing that I’m supposedly employed to do. So it is real nice to get back into that kinda zone. Actually, it is also one of the principal reasons I sold my record label nearly a year ago; to get rid of all the shit bits I had accumulated via my tenure in music and concentrate on all the fun bits which I genuinely enjoy the most. Life has a funny way, however, of not really giving a fuck about what you want a lot of the time and as a result I’ve spent a lot of this year basically helping to shape Last Man Music which I really hope we can fully push out to the world in a more public way shortly. It’s getting there. So very close. Life’s very best gags and indeed a change in one’s perspective perhaps is at the heart of current Track Of The Day people Crash Adams‘ agenda via the video medium in which their number Astronauts is transmitted. It’s good wholesome indie-pop fun with tid-bits of synth heaven sprinkled atop. The play and/or view counts aren’t too bad either. Get some.

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