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Marí ‘Cold Water’

‘Tis the season to be emo. Bought myself a pair of fingerless gloves the other day, and it was damn good timing. The London weather finally seems to have settled into it’s residential shittyness that ironically helps me feel more at home than the, truthfully, the summer months do. So fingerless gloves really fit into the overall aesthetic I’m shooting for these days. This would otherwise be a perfect day to work from home and do a bit of a duvet-day (whilst still wearing my emo gloves, of course), however I’ve made the conscious decision to come in whilst most if not all of the Killing Moon staff are indeed either on holiday or doing the aforementioned work-from-home thing, without being massively sure why. We got a new office a few weeks back you see, and I suppose I’ve become increasingly aware of late that one’s living and/or working space is relevant to the degree of concentration I’m willing to put into anything really. Which is the super-wordy way of saying I’d probably be doing fuck-all at home right now, given the indeterminate mood I’m in. Today’s winter-led ambivalence to pretty much everything in general following a particularly draining Thursday (I’ll just say that no good deed goes unpunished, ever, and I do have some way to go in terms of letting certain car crashes happen when I know they are going to) has the perfect sonic accompaniment in form of new Danish singer-songwriter Marí, brought to us by our pals over at Empty Tapes. The debut track, Cold Water, from the rather-striking talent, taken from her forthcoming debut Halcyon Days EP due out in 2020 (that’s coming up reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal fucking soon huh), is both eerie and delicate in equal measure. Kinda like an emo scene in a horror movie. I’m not sure if emo scenes in horror movies happen, given I hate horror movies, but there you go. Of the track, Marí says “It was like I was caught in some kind of benumbed part of myself, and in some way the song felt like cold water splashing on my face, because it came from some hidden place and came with an abrupt awakening… but the second it arrived, it made a lot of sense”. Right on, dude. Hopefully it’ll have the same effect on me, both now and when I see you play live for us at the Killing Moon Christmas Party at House of St Barnabas on 5th December.

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