Johnny Kills Editing

Release: Johnny Kills ‘Editing’

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Just got back from Norway, don’t ya know. Spent some quality man-time with my main dude Jon Maccle-doo-doo at a cheeky little conference called Sørveiv that involved swearing on a panel and showing off a new press pic on a panel all about the relevance of indie labels that makes me look (apparently) like “a yardie”. I don’t think I look like a yardie, but, my new press pic, that my mate Tom Stock took of me after a particularly gruelling drumming sesh a good few months back when it was warm still, makes me look like a fucking bad-man (which, to our American and non-UK friends who don’t know, actually means I think I look cool). Other highlights include making friends by getting quite lit on super-fucking-expensive Norwegian lager (EIGHTEEN FUCKING QUID FOR TWO BOTTLES MAN) and talking about Brexit basically, picking up on several new burgeoning artists that I’ll likely/hopefully post up on here for you to stick ya nose and/or ears into. I do want to write more on here, y’know. Mainly because I miss it. This whole getting back to shit that I just enjoy and kinda gave up without really knowing why thing is really working out for me. It’s just time, y’know? You know. Anyway, we’ve got a brand new single from scuzzy merry men Johnny Kills out today called Editing which feels poignant on this beautiful London morning. It’s two parts Los Campesinos and one part The Wombats. Or whatever. Enjoy your day.

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