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‘Bird Shoes’ – Coven

Today, I’d like to introduce the band Bird Shoes and their song Coven as ‘Track of The Day”. You could describe them as a sarcastic, fun two-piece punk band from Bournemouth, UK.

This song describes the lead singer’s trouble with a person from his past that was trying to interfere in the present by spreading rumors about the people that he cared about. The name ‘Coven’ was inspired by a shop in Burley, a small town that is famous for witchcraft and their witches. When the bands’ frontman was younger he met one of the last witches in the Burley coven and according to him, she was way nicer than that person from his past!

I think this song makes you realize that you shouldn’t care about the past and that there is a reason that those people from your past, are not in your life anymore.

So, give a big middle finger to that person from your past, that you can’t stand (believe me, everyone has one..) and let Bird Shoes’s tune help to get you in the mood for it. Catch them the 17th of October in The Victoria Dalston for free, they might even surprise you with some fresh new tunes!  I feel like the world is ready for Bird Shoes, and Bird Shoes is ready for the world!

Click here to listen to our Track of The Day “Coven” by Bird Shoes!



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