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What the fuck is up, you guys, gals, and anyone or anyperson in, out, around or between those. Another hefty week? Can’t remember what you did this morning, let alone on Monday? I feel you. This is what adulthood is, y’all. It is trudging painfully yet meaningfully from Monday to Friday, giving shit, taking shit, denying either of those two things happen, laughing, crying, with fingers and emails and accusations and acceptances flying around in every fucking direction on the simultaneous. Life, basically. Also saddled with the often-misguided promise to yourself and others that shit will, eventually, get easier and you can finally allow yourself a complimentary breath as soon as the proverbial race that is everything that you need to get out of the way this/that/the other week is done. And yet you know that’s not true at all. This thing keeps going, forever, you see. Music, I mean. Or life, ostensibly. You might feel at several points that you’ve got everything locked down and in the place that you want it, but deep down, you know something is going to slide away like little pieces of wet cake and ruin your perfect fucking game. But every so often, no matter how dark things get, something or somebody comes along once in a while that will make you smile. For me, right now, that’s our new guys Trampolene (see below for a statement addressing the chosen spelling, before you bloody kick off) who have been rolling with the cool dudes at Mi7 Records, who brought them to our undivided attention; and we are pleased as punch to be working with both band and Mi7 on this next phase on the band’s career. I met them for the first time last week. They actually had something to say, not least of all main man Jack, who for me resonates what it is like to be a man who knows how to feel in a world where you’re encouraged, more often than not, to not feel anything at all. I’m very pleased to welcome the band to Killing Moon Records and will be bleating on about their new music soon. Come see ’em open for Liam Gallagher in Cardiff if you wanna come in the meantime. Otherwise, there are more deece shows coming up before the end of the year which I shall boast about soon as I am able.

  • Ach x


“We are more than pleased, excited even, to have Killing Moon join us in the journey to make Trampolene the biggest band in the world, or at least small parts of it.  Achal Dhillon and his formidable team who have already scored many premier goals in the music business and their experience is immeasurable and invaluable – I am sure they will help to lead Trampolene through the many ups and hopefully not so many downs in the future…here we go”Jack Jones, Trampolene

TRAMPOLENE (yes we know the bouncy thing in everyone’s garden is spelled with an ‘i’!) were formed in 2014 in the green, green grass of Swansea, South Wales, by handsome local enigma Jack Jones the self styled ‘dole-queue Dylan Thomas’, who met bassist Wayne Thomas when he tried to bum a fag off him outside a chip shop in Fforestfach.  They converted Jack’s mother’s coalshed into a rehearsal studio and soundproofed it with a couple of hundred polystyrene egg trays they blagged from the local Spar.  Following the swathe cut by Welsh heroes The Manic Street Preachers and Super Furry Animals TRAMPOLENE have composed a clutch of extraordinary songs that speak of the ordinary existential struggle of a stony broke dreamer armed only with a loud guitar and an overdue library book.

Having conquered a bone tumour by the age of five, Jack Jones  has since successfully taken on Crohns Disease. Throughout the last five years, the constant has been his extraordinary guitar playing and his poetic lyrics about everyday life, how to fight adversity and  his upbringing. Along with being the lead singer/guitarist of  TRAMPOLENE Jack Jones is a spoken word poet and  lead guitarist in Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres, who’s recent single, ‘Paradise Is Under Your Nose,’ was co-written by Jack.

TRAMPOLENE‘s latest album ‘Pick A Pocket or Two’ (2018), a compilation of songs and poems not included on the band’s debut album ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ (2017), entered the UK indie chart at no. 10. ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ was described as a “Brilliant debut from indie gutter poets” **** by Q Magazine and featured in The Independent’s ‘Top Ten Albums of The Year’. After hearing Jack’s poems Dr John Cooper Clarke enthused “Exceptional poetry, funny and depressing at the same time and how often can you say that.”

TRAMPOLENE have toured continuously over the last 3 years, with stand out supports for Liam Gallagher, The Libertines, Kasabian, Buzzcocks, Peter Doherty, Reverend & The Makers, The Enemy, Pretty Vicious, Catfish & The Bottlemen and Carl Barat & The Jackals. Last year the band played their biggest headline tour to date including a sold out night at The Scala in London and appeared at BBC Biggest Weekend, Truck Festival, The Great Escape, Y Not, Victorious, Cotton Clouds and Kendall Calling festivals.  TRAMPOLENE have recorded sessions for Radio One and Radio X and also been playlist at both stations. Jack has also written for The Guardian.

2019 saw  TRAMPOLENE performing on Soccer AM (leading to Jack being invited to audition as a presenter), touring Europe with Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres and recording the new TRAMPOLENE album for release in early 2020.  BBC Radio 4 also broadcast a documentary portrait of Jack Jones & TRAMPOLENE, entitled ’Another Swansea Poet’. The programme revealed a young man with a lot to say about the world, who has overcome adversity and spent huge amounts of time out of school, who hasn’t let that stop him from making a career out of writing and performing poetry and music. From his home in the Mumbles, Swansea, Jack told his life story candidly, with contributions from one of Jack’s biggest fans, Peter Doherty, who recalls their adventures on tour together. Jack also talked to Caitlin Moran, who came across him living in his van in London and invited him to stay in the attic of her house.

TWITTER: http://www.trampolene.co.uk/                                                                                            

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/TrampoleneOfficial/videos           

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/trampoleneofficial

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://twitter.com/trampolene_band

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/trampolene_band/

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