World! Let me introduce to you *drumrolls* the album of the day: AMBER19 by the 45ACIDBABIES from The Netherlands! 45ACIDBABIES did not really feel like they were able to be described through an already existing genre like Indie, Pop or Rock. So they decided; “If we don’t fit in the box, why don’t we just create a new box for ourselves?!” and that they did: describing their genre as Glitter Punk and Bubblegum Garage rock.

They describe this album as their journey of growing up and all the things that go hand-in-hand with that. On the album, they discuss topics like loss of friends, and how sometimes friends don’t try as hard to keep in touch with you, as you are trying to keep in touch with them. It’s hard growing up, but as the 45ACIDBABIES drum out a big middle finger to being defined in a certain box they do want to give through a message with this album, which is that life goes on and that everything happens for a reason and that you can better just Walk The Cow to clear your mind. They give it a 45ACIDBABIES flair by taking the piss on growing up as well including songs about how their nieces cut paper skulls out of pornographic magazines, something that keeps it fun and young.

After being part of a UK tour earlier this year, and releasing their new album this is not the last thing you’ll hear about the 45ACIDBABIES. Go listen to their new album and decide what you think about this weird mix of energetic Glitter Punk and Bubblegum Garage



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