SuperGlu – ‘Forever Endeavour’

It’s good to give certain things a rest, for a bit. In music, especially. Take this blog, for example. I used to write on this shit every day. Back when I had made up my own job, I mean. The idea being that when one isn’t enabled by others to do the stuff they really want to do all the time (and yes, I fully appreciate the implied self-entitlement there, devoid of any substance that at this point, one either deserves or has earned their place in such a competitive sector such as music), they spend fucking ages metaphorically and continuously running at the obstacle called life that they perceive to be in their way. I suppose my way of overcompensating for the things I felt I still lacked at the time (and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it does occasionally crop up again, from time to time) was setting about writing about a new band on the blog every day. Which, really, is fucking nuts, as I’m effectively setting about replacing quality with quantity and, more to the point, burning myself out in the process. Artists must feel the same way, I’m sure, when the career ladder to headlining festivals is inevitably bottom-runged with nobody really giving that much of a shit. It, along with one’s perspective, does change over a prolonged period of time. A bit less drastic but nevertheless comparable to a child figuring out what burning feels like after sticking their hand into fire over and over, from what I largely understand, SuperGlu have been through their engage/retreat/engage/retreat dichotemy, and get the necessity around just hitting pause when it is, well, necessary to do so. Time passes. You fill it with different possibilities and activities that, whilst you were engaged on your previous obstacle course, quite frankly you hadn’t even considered before. You read. Go for walks. Spend a year kicking it in Berlin. Talk to your family and friends that had your back this whole fucking time except you were too busy jumping through other people’s hoops to notice before. Sit. Eat. Do something. Do nothing. Forever Endeavour, I’m told, simply came about when singer Ben and his girlfriend (who also happens to be the bass player in SuperGlu, and both are most-righteous folks indeed from the handful of times I have hung out with them in Austin and whatnot), just, y’know started strumming chords and singing lyrics over the track we have presently. Then they got the bug back. And that’s a good enough reason as the best I’ve heard to do what you love, once more. Catch ’em live in London when they hit The Victoria on 15th October, which is right around the corner. Fuck, this year has flown past. It’s been a ride.

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