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“I Feel Like”

Yeah, still buzzing. I know it’s annoying a bunch of you, but it took me a while to get here so I’m just gonna party on, much as if I don’t really give a shit about what anyone else thinks really. It’s working out for me so far. See, validation has long been a problem of mine in that a strange dichotomy exists within my person that represents both a strength and weakness on the simultaneous, in that I want everyone to like me all the time. There are a number of habitual and psychological reasons for this, which I can’t be fucked to get into right now because I’ve got shit to do and so do you. But the great thing is, when you spend so long in the proverbial shit and then due to various forces at play – the universe, a really really awful break up, taking up running, partying hard, realising that maybe you shouldn’t party so hard, etc – you’re suddenly out of it, you start to forget the taste of shit when you just do what you want pretty much all the time (within reason. You can’t be a cunt). And then even more good shit just keeps happening when you let go of the wheel of the monster truck that is your life. That’s what the new one from Johnny Kills means to me. This one is for Weezey. Ask me what that means sometime.

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London/Brighton trio Johnny Kills inflict their first bout of noise on 2019 with weird death-disco stomp of I Feel Like, and announce their debut EP, set for an Autumn release with cult London label Killing Moon.

Tackling the confusion and cluelessness of early adulthood with their frantic fuzz-drenched surf-inflected garage-rock, Johnny Kills ruminate on life’s less pressing problems. Committing room silencing faux pas, self-imposed boredom and fretting over communication in the early phase of relationships are just some of the themes taking central stage in their modern life vignettes.

The upcoming EP ramps up the feeling of early-20s panic, not least as the three band members, brothers Tim and Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings and amigo-in-noise Cameron Gipp, slide further away from their adolescence. Responsibility, identity and reality looming ever darker on the horizon.

The most off-kilter cut to date, I Feel Like is by turns pessimistic, celebratory and pantomime angry. Vocalist and songwriter Tim on the inspiration:

“‘I Feel Like’ is about a cynic begrudgingly accepting the fact that love is probably a pretty important part of life.”

Earning champions with previous releases at Pigeons and Planes, DORK Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, The Metro, Indie Shuffle and more in the online sphere, and with BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio on the airwaves Johnny Kills have developed a reputation for an infectious sound and attitude. Live they’ve supported the likes of Fangclub and Sick Joy whilst playing numerous shows between home bases Brighton and London.

To hone their raw sound into something more developed they’ve worked with rising producer Alex Greaves, who’s been turning heads for his work with Heavy Lungs, Working Men’s Club and The Orielles.

I Feel Like is the new single from Johnny Kills and is being released by Killing Moon Records on June 12th, ahead of their debut EP in the autumn.

Live Dates

12th June – London, Zigfrid Von Underbelly

15th June – Liverpool, The Jacaranda Club

22nd June – High Wycombe, Weathers Fest

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