TOTD: London based newcomer Havelock releases latest single ‘Vacancy’

Our latest TOTD comes from London based newcomer Havelock, who combines intimate storytelling with a bed-rock of hip-hop infused drum breaks and dreamy guitars for latest single ‘Vacancy’.

The aspiring artist discusses the struggles of juggling a full-time job with a music career in new track ‘Vacancy’, “When I wrote Vacancy, I worked myself into the ground with waiter work. It was really getting me down because it was hard to fit my music and writing around the need to earn money” explains Havelock. “I just externalised all of this work-related stress into a song with Oscar Scheller, who produced it. It was written super quickly. It was one of those songs where it kind of just wrote itself.

Growing up in the Kent countryside, Havelock always yearned to be immersed in the hustle and bustle of London. He moved to the city in 2016, choosing a life of sofa-surfing,  whilst chronicling his experiences in this new environment. Using his kaleidoscopic imagery he touches on relatable themes of the highs and lows, the romance and hardships, the comforts and gloom that millennials are so accustomed to.

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