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Bird Shoes – ‘Door’

Our latest TOTD comes from KM’s very own Bird Shoes with their new single ‘Door’, released last Friday. The Hampshire based duo describe themselves as a sarcastic, noisy punk duo for a modern generation of jokers and explain that new single ‘Door’ is a reminder to always stay focused and never close doors or burn bridges. The track is a playfully orchestrated slap in the face to those who let life pass them by for no reason other than laziness or a dismissive attitude towards change.

With a prominent ‘down to earth’ approach, Bird Shoes lyrics echo personal experiences with a tongue in cheek attitude. Taking aim at the monotony of the general public’s day-today existence, Bird Shoes puts life back into the punk band of yesteryear with new eyes and a slick approach.

Bird Shoes comprises Robin Clark (vocals & guitar) & James Gordelier (drums).

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