Honestly, you haven’t heard something this weird and this wonderful in a long time.

Famous are the central point of a multi-talented arts community. They’re the group behind a five-star rated experimental theatre piece, Ubu, who performed at the end of the summer at the V&A.

This artistic background is exemplified in their debut track ‘Surf’s Up’, which explores dark twisted pop with piercing synths. The stream of consciousness style lyrics and vocals feel manic and chaotic. Despite the bizarreness of the single, it’s incredibly innovative and enthralling. The song itself is about very ordinary interactions expressed through dramatised and hysterical reactions, acting as a metaphor for anxieties and contradictions. Vocalist Jack Merrett says by introducing theatricality to the banal aspects of his personal interactions with life, he has been helped in navigating life’s pressures.

– Jasleen

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