Coach & Ref

COACH & REF – ‘3-D’

I never really got on with the Movie ‘Inception’, I’ll admit the concept is cool, it’s executed well, and even has Leo as the lead role, surely all those things make it a good movie? Eh, honestly it just feels like a gimmick to me. I completely understand the movie, a dream within a dream within a dream all to protect some information. I don’t feel as if there’s much interesting character development or a reason to come back to it at all. Leo has a bit but that’s all that stuck with me. I feel as if there should be some twist, some change in outcome or some kind of hidden puzzle. All my time watching it had me thinking whether or not there was going to be a hidden idea (much like fight club). I think the thing that stuck with me the most was the trailer, the blaring horns in the main theme have lodged themselves into my subconscious even to this day. Anyway, I’m rambling, on to the track of the day… ‘3-D’ by Coach & Ref reminded me a lot of the musical feat that is the Inception trailer because of the horns in the beginning of the track, however, like the songs title, and unlike the previously mentioned feature film it is anything but uninteresting! The songs instrumental is deep and layered, with many gems of ear candy and a structure that won’t leave you wondering ‘Is there more to this?’ It’s a pop banger with more than meets the eye! Go check it out 🙂


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