DAZE – ‘Reformation’

‘When she walks away, I’ll let him take my place’ says lead singer Sam Hong with ruthless indigence.

No more waiting, rid is the tantalizing acid that once permeated skin, flesh, and bones…

Love is hard, they say. Amidst today’s ‘romance’ of perpetual games yet ever-present passion, mollifying the tension between expression and intention can be quite difficult indeed. For instance—what does an unanswered text mean? On one hand, a couple hour-latency could simply be due to their workaholic lifestyle…but after racking up a veritable account of cavalier texts (or lack thereof), last-minute flakes, and additional evidence of power-play activity, you begin to question the presence of your own emotion. Suddenly, the extent to which your care for them took up wads of time, mental space (perhaps better-used elsewhere), and physical strength/acumen become starkly apparent. Suddenly, you realize that perhaps the effect of this person on the components of your individual being (not limited to those that were mentioned) may outweigh whatever ‘benefit’ got you wrapped up with them in the first place.

Luckily, ‘Reformation’ does not represent stagnation in this acrid low-pH zone of seething bitterness, but rather encourages the positive deterministic outcome that may take place after said realization—namely, thorough recognition of the malaise imparted by this ‘lover’ and analysis of such must inevitably occur (i.e. “bleeds lines to my spine engraved in my mind”); but even more importantly, a rebuilding of these now-decrepit territories on your own ensues, thereby encouraging yourself of your ability to do so in the first place.

Though the music emerges as math-rocky indie, you’d be keen to know that the origins of DAZE trace back to good ol’ shoegaze and skate culture… But can’t you feel the pattering of introspective (a.k.a. schooled sadboy) raindrops and feel the strong breeze of irrefutable individuality that meld together these two complementary sentiments in a delicious blend of the sound that is DAZE? Why yes, she thinks, nineties MTV and Incubus mosh pits suddenly springing to mind.

But no matter—if you need a bit of help with the visualization, DAZE has netted a magnificent video for this track (below), as well as some upcoming live dates… Rock on and stay tuned, my friends.



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