Black Futures are a mystery for sure, but their pulsating industrial synth punk, or as they call it “future punk” is ever so infectious, which is why my choice of TOTD is their new single ‘Trance’.

Paired with a psychedelic video filmed in the Californian desert, ‘Trance’ is an uplifting track, that’s futuristic, but more in a utopian way than dystopian. There’s only one set of lyrics that are repeated throughout the track, adding to the cult-like vibe that manifests everything the band do. But it’s a cult you want to join, not one you want to avoid. ‘Trance’ builds with bubbling synths into chugging, electric guitar riffs and doomy synths.

It’s incredibly unique and incredibly refreshing, a beaming light at the end of the tunnel to get you through your working week!

– Jasleen

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