Trains give me a lot of anxiety. A lot of the time when I have a train journey planned on that day I find myself getting to the station about 30 minutes before my departure. Even for commuting into work I wait on the platform for about quarter of an hour before I get on. I think a lot of this anxiety stems from my experiences at university, for the greater proportion of my undergraduate relationship I was in a long distance relationship. I panicked a lot that the distance would affect our connection, I would stand on the platform 30 minutes early thinking about all the things that could go wrong, or what would happen if I missed the train, or if the distance should even matter?

Today’s track of the day touches a lot on this topic of separation, and brought back a lot of those cross country blues that I felt during my late late teens. ‘Alice On the Other Side’ by Johnny Payne evokes feelings of losing touch with your other half with lyrics talking about counting days and separation feeling like forever. The track’s instrumental sits somewhere in between soft and subtle, giving you enough mellowness that the lyrics are perfectly suited for. Give this track a listen, it’s really got me thinking.


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