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Valley Maker ‘Beautiful Birds Flying’

The door hinge sings behind you, easing itself shut as you exit the old wooden building that you call work (home). The summer light teases your eyelashes, flickering in between carpeted camera lenses, warming the corners of your mouth into a long-awaited grin.

“Turning off the light like I would an engine, walking through the night like I’ve done” remarks Valley Maker, popping up for air amongst a sea of introspection. He too enjoys the wondrous indulgence of exploration of mind and body, of intellectual and corporal adventurousness; drawing patterns between past and present helps root the body (and its symbiotic mind) in the now of the future.

“I’m sitting where I all began, I gave up on a promised land…it’s always slipping through my hands, it wasn’t what I thought back then.” Sometimes this introspection gives way to a night sky; we can’t always know what’s behind them during the ambiguousness of everlasting dusk—could be sunshine, could be a seemingly perpetual night.

But “looking at the sky for an opening,” we keep searching, we keep yearning, we keep striving, no matter what lies around or above us.

“I’m turning on the light when I let you in, I’m opening my mind to a new question.” Though set in our ways we may break free from them through approaching past selves as dually as internal and external bodies, drawing a line between our old soul and our new, in tandem with drawing the line that connects them.  Those labels which we place upon people, places, and things can be erased just as simply as they were created—store credit the pen and get yourself some white out.

And just so happens that’s exactly what Valley Maker finds—”nothing!”

Though emptiness can be seen as lacking, as a dearth of that which once filled space, it can also be the antithesis to that—an absolving of pain caused by burdensome weight, a gradual lightening of dark circles and increased sensation once riddled with damaged nerve-endings of labor so routine it’d become forgotten.

This new space allows for peace of mind, this sudden lift in corporeal presence allows for light to be shed on the framing cobwebs, fully clearing the mind and furthermore the self of any physical or metaphorical blinders to the mind eye, so that nature’s own guiding compass can once again be seen and felt.

Says Valley Maker, gazing into the vast horizon—”Beautiful birds were flying in circles in the sky, I’m finding my way with them.”

Stay jazzed-up for next week’s album release, a very poignant 12th October…

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