Sophie Morgan ‘Lemony Girl’

Another one from Cheshire show-stopper Sophie Morgan to warm us up this bristly fall.

Reining in swirling birdsongs and etherial harmonic palettes, Sophie lures us back to the summer sun with her recently released EP ‘Sons & Daughters,’ feeding its sails with the lusty wind of ‘Lemony Girl.’ With the richness of mascarpone and the lightness of a fresh curd, Sophie sits us ’round the fireside sunset and tells us the fantastical tales of a not-too-far off future—one where pleasantry and comfort, pickled radishes and long-lost ranches dot the founding lines of fraternal ties and familial love; one where nature’s goodness, encompassing environmental bliss, artistic freedom, and loving human connection, forefront the once rose-tinted but now fully clear lens of our reality.

Accented by the rustling of chain-link fences and the soaring of outstretched wings, Sophie’s impressionistic soundscape is fronted by her own steadfast sensitivity, a confident thoughtfulness that instructs us through compassion; don’t they say quiet leaders are the best of them all?

Listen to ‘Lemony Girl’ and flick through ‘Sons & Daughters’ lavender-scented pages.

With love,


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