What draws me most to Nottingham (but now Brighton based) trio Kagoule the most is how unconventional and weird they are. Their latest single ‘Egg Hunt’ is taken from their upcoming second album Strange Entertainment.

I’ve chosen this song as it really shows the progression the band have made from their previous material, which was very obviously influenced by 90s grunge. ‘Egg Hunt’ still encapsulates the sound Kagoule have built, but it is more experimental. A stuttering riff opens the track (which is dotted throughout), and vocalist/guitarist Cai Burn’s storytelling lyrics lead the way. Lucy Hatter’s prominent basslines provide a deep rhythmic beat, and with the angular guitars at the chorus vibes of early Blur are given. That’s not to say the track is Britpop by any means, but that Kagoule are masters of crafting sounds that are poppy, yet weird and wonderful.

– Jasleen

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