‘Hi’ is the latest track from Kent born four-piece Indoor Pets. Formerly known as Get Inuit, the band have released two EPs so far and a slew of singles, and ‘Hi’ sets the record straight for what to expect from the new era of Indoor Pets, especially seeing as fans are anticipating their yet-to-be-released debut album.

‘Hi’ is fundamental Indoor Pets. Vocalist/guitarist Jamie Glass’ signature self-deprecating humour is present, but it’s never depressing, instead weirdly celebratory. His vocals are somewhat robotic feeling, more so than on any track before, and its hypnotising. Paired with guitar sounds in the verse that feel like they were ripped from an old-school video game soundtrack, it all feels blissful especially with uplifting harmonies at the chorus. However what Indoor Pets are great at doing is constantly keeping the listener on their toes, and the song goes unsettling grungy and fuzzed-out at the bridge. Indoor Pets are great because they write off-kilter indie pop songs that are sickly sweet, but itching with black humour under the surface.

– Jasleen

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