Apparently today it’s ‘National 4pm Finish Day’. I like that. I think it’s nice to know that it’s not uncommon for people to become lazy on Friday’s – I thought it was just me. To be perfectly honest though I don’t think it’s an official day and I don’t think it’s going to happen, I think RedBull started the whole damn thing. Although, saying “lazy” the idea behind it is to make sure you find time to relax and not over work. That’s something that’s on the rise in Japan at the moment, “Karoshi” which literally means “death by overwork” – I watched a really interesting documentary about much like the mental health crisis, people in Japan (typically men) are finding it hard to talk about the inner struggle of overworking and the stress it causes. Exceedingly interesting. It’s really important to spend more time doing the things you love because I think it allows a form of escapism. Something I really love at the moment is listening to the latest from Gaz Coombes (Supergrass) and his latest album “The Worlds Strongest Man”. If I could have an album of the day this would be today’s. Alas, I cannot. “Shit (I’ve Done It Again)” is our track of the day and it completely ROCKS. Coming from one of Britpop’s most underrated bands, Gaz Coombes is proving that there’s more behind the mutton-chops and the following tracks, Worlds Strongest Man, Oxygen Mask and Wounded Egos prove that his songwriting skill has no limit. The only bad thing about our TOTD is that it’s not long enough. I guess I’ll just have to keep it on repeat for a while, after all, I do love it. Enjoy.

– Conor

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