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Looking for rooms in London can be painful. Especially when you’re looking on that spare room website. Can someone please explain to me why when you’re advertising a room in London, 5 miles outside Camden (where we work), for £450 bills included you don’t put pictures up of the room? The bloody (insert insult here)’s. Regardless of these fools, I have found some lovely places that I wont write about today because you lot might steal them from me. I did however, find one that I’m almost pretty sure is a con. Rent pcm £1 deposit 50p. That’s the price of about 2 and half packets of McCoys salt and vinegar crisps (never again Camden Tescos). Anyway, today’s track of the day is ‘Monsters’ from Jo Marches. I reeeeeally like this song. The first 15 seconds are a work of art – that synth man *shakes head*, “just wow”.  Jo Marches could very well be one of the best things you’ve heard all year. Well done, Johanneke Kranendonk (Vocals), Gijs Coolen (Guitar & Bass), David Cougarrijen (Synth) and Thomas Bosveld. Keep up the good work. If you’re enjoying this track you should definitely check out some of their other stuff here.  It’s all top notch. Jo Marches have one more fan – Killing Moon.

– Conor

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