I got a new phone today. I think I’m now one step closer to being a real life adult because I now pay for my own phone contract. Saying this, I do think it’s about time, I am 22 after all. However, being one of the least tech-savy people I know maybe I’m doing this ‘real life adult’ stuff justice because setting up this new phone has been a complete ball ache. I thought it was going to be easy peasy, just swap dat sim card and done. Who knew these miniature computers could be so damn confusing? On a completely different note, The Oxford English Dictionary defines “peasy” as “Lead ore in the form of small grains” so I don’t really know how it means “really really easy” nowadays. I always seem to run off in tangents when I’m writing track of the day. Keeping it topical, todays B A N G E R is from Gabriella Cohen, “Music Machine”. I think my favourite thing about Ms Cohen is the tone of her voice. It’s unusual but none the less eased me in to her style. And in ‘Music Machine’ she uses it to give the perfect introduction to her album ‘Pink is The Colour of Unconditional Love’ – take a listen. You wont be disappointed.

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