I had a nice weekend. Friday night I ended getting relatively drunk at the Camden Brewery in Kentish Town West and then going back to my mates place and drinking to the point where I was talking complete arse until the early hours of the morning. The worst thing about having a disgusting hangover on a Saturday for me is that my natural body clock wakes me up at about 6.30/7am, after going to bed at about 3/4am it doesn’t really make for the freshest of mornings. I lay there for about 20 minutes before accepting that I wasn’t going back to sleep. I then stumbled onto the first train home. Dad picked me up and felt sorry for me, regardless of the fact it was completely my own doing. He made me one of his legendary egg and bacon sandwiches – fucking best thing ever. All my childhood friends can vouch. I then remembered I promised to help him do the gardening. That was actually quite relaxing. Would definitely recommend cutting some hedges hungover – just wear sun glasses though. After that was all done I had a shower to wash my sorrows away and then charged to the pub to watch the England game. We arrived early and this tune came on that I hadn’t heard since Uni. It’s a true banger and better than the original I think. Don’t know where it came from or who Rob Swift really is. But it’s a tune. Enjoy.


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