Black Surf ‘Open Fire’

Rounding out the summer months with some good ol’ sun-bathed nostalgia, world-cruisers Black Surf have just released ‘Open Fire,’ the first single off of their forthcoming debut album.

Despite its wavy sand-stricken undertones, ‘Open Fire’ actually reminisces Black Surf’s Winter 2017 tour where bailing bus drivers gave way to a catastrophically remarkable feat, where Black Surf coursed through foreign railways and forlorn subways in sought of artistic perseverance.

Says lead singer Ali Epstone, “On the way to to create the demos for this album, I realised I hadn’t written the lyrics for one song. Is this the greatest song written on a 15 minute bus ride, you’ll ever hear?” This telling soundbite encompassing the band’s easygoing yet vigorous ethos—Black Surf proves to strike a delicious balance between working their arses off for passion that drives them and not taking life too seriously.

Through fuzzed out guitar chords, rumbling bass, and boy-next-door retro vocals, Black Surf soundtracks your sunset rides down country roads, your drunkenly guffawing with best friends over “Friday night cartoons,” your deadset love for your college friend’s sister.

Underlined with the light-hearted campfire tales of past lovers and past gamer selves, Black Surf is clearly the product of epic camaraderie and the reciprocal instiller of such—amping audiences up with the shared sheer bliss of friendship, fun, and rocking out.

Party on with these dudes at the following live dates, stoking the live embers for their upcoming EU/AT/US tour:

  • 7/9/18 – 93 Feet East – LDN  
  • 11/10/18 – Barfly, Camden – LDN
  • 3/11/18 – Rock Steady, Dalston – LDN
  • 9/11/18 – The Islington (Acoustic Show) – LDN
  • 6/12/18 – Black Heart, Camden – LDN

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