ilan Bluestone feat. Koven ‘Another Lover’

You’ve finally done it. You’re soaring above the clouds, loose hair dancing in the wind, arms spread wide over the gaping cityscape below. You ride above a stratus tendril, its cool mist glazing your face in satiating replenishment. The unbenknownst burrow between your brows gives way to open-eyed exhilaration as you arch along an iridescent skylines. No strings, no saddles, no seatbelts, no gas pedals—the driver and the body are one and the same. Cool air fills your laughing lungs; you throw your head back in glee!

The mist in sight is just that—water vapor hanging in the air, molecules of the current moment—yet, susceptible to the tidings of the true Mother herself: her capriciousness, her love, her fragility. So to are you, a hodgepodge molecule mass of the now. Warmed by the sun, moistened by the earth, burdened by a blizzard just as any beast.

You smile a sigh, looking off into the horizon. Oh Mother, you think. But that’s just how she is—you love her all the same. You embrace her wholly, and so too, does she embrace you.

It is with this love that you smile to the horizon. It is with this wisdom that you glide forwards, carried by her drifting thermals, stretching your own wings into her stride. You gaze onwards into the beautiful mist, waving to you in the dancing sunlight. You do not fear her laughter.

“Transcendental.” An homage to ilan Bluestone & Katie Boyle’s sonic beauty


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