I’m seeing my brother this evening and I’m actually quite excited to him. He’s seven years older than me and having spent at least 20 years together our age gap was quite a difficult hurdle to over come growing up. Since leaving home though, we’ve naturally grown quite close to each other. Being the youngest of three has actually worked quite well in my favour actually, my sister spoils me rotten, the best gifts, the best cakes, the best meals when I visit. My brother, I feel, has taken the role of the wise elder – who lends his advise where ever he can. The best piece of advice I think I’ve ever received from him was when I was thinking about leaving University. I was freaking out and just going to tell my mum. All he said was, “Go to Mum with a solution, not a problem.” – I have since carried this forward with me for the remainder of my life. It’s pretty good, you should use it. I’ve realised growing up that if anyone in the world was allowed to pick me up and shake me aggressively just to get his Pokemon Red Gameboy game outta my trousers, it’s my big bro, cos I know if he saw someone else doing that to me he’d probably not be too chill about it (i hope).

Today’s track of the day is one that I personally think deserved all the coverage in the world when it was released, press, radio, you name it. And today for the first time has made me think of my brother. If you haven’t listened to Marilyn ft. Micachu by Mount Kimbie you can thank me later. A sentimental number, for me anyway, and one I think is the kind you can put to any relatively emotional scenario. Some haunting, Xylophones, Glockenspiels or Marimbas in the intro then outta no where they turn the bass up to 11. Released in 2017 Mount Kimbie’s sterling album Love What Survives is an incredible piece of art. Notable tracks from the album, T.A.M.E.D, Delta, We Go Home Together ft. James Blake Audition. Anyway, here’s the video.

– Conor

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