Today The Post Romantics released ‘Call It Off’. And today Killing Moon premiered it.

Get ya noise holes around this atmospheric, feel-good pop song laden with infectious melodies that disguise a darker undertone. It is an anthem for disgruntled lovers and encapsulates the essence of The PostRomantics. Its happy-sad duality leaves a bitter but hopeful taste on your tongue, and resonates with anyone who has ever experienced unrequited love.

Having formed in Liverpool in early 2015, brothers Connor, Cameron and Liam Cockbain enlisted childhood friend Samuel Barton to create the soundtrack to their lives. This was the start of The PostRomantics. Influenced, in most parts, by literature, cinema and the dismay of modern love, the band blend hip-hop beats, haunting guitar riffs, and R’n’B-infused vocals to create a dark, atmospheric world. This is Liverpool noir at it’s best. Frontman Connor notes, “It’s about ending something before it’s really started, you know those relationships that aren’t quite relationships yet? It’s almost like breaking up with someone you never dated. It’s kinda sad to lose someone in that way, but you have to take responsibility sometimes and let them go, even if you have to hurt them, and yourself, to do it.”

Recorded between London and Liverpool with producer duo Sugar House (Larkins, Pale Waves), the band has taken their time crafting this release. “This experience was an important discovery for us. It became the catalyst to us figuring out who we are as a band; we started to think and create in a new, more personal way and found out how to express the array of our influences. Plus, it’s nice to have a song that you can dance to, but still cry over.”

‘Call It Off’ is available via all major services NOW. Take a listen here:

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