Ray Gun Hero ‘Your Eyes’

Who guides the path to your next point—is movements of celestial bodies that dictate us comparatively microscopic beings, lying leagues below these almighty gaseous volumes?

Let’s hop aboard Le School Bus Magique (sans trademark Canadian off-brand), and journey to the stars… or so we think. Supposedly yearning for the galactic unknown, perhaps we really just miss the place we once called home, that now feels like eons away from our current embodiment.

And so, my transcontinental journeys landed me back in the heart of Boston—in the BU dorms of Smash© Tournaments, in the Bishop Allen Drive basements of underground dance.

Cyberpunk, retrosynth, scifi, oh my! Haven’t seen these tags in a lifetime, it seems. Yet here they are—with Uncanny Valley-inspiring OS voice-overs and researcher’s PubMed-worthy abstract dictations galore.

Is it the ushering in of a new quarter-century? Is it the resurgence of humanity against the machine? Nothing is certain. All we can turn to for veritable reassurance, is that which is truer than the Holy Bible itself—the Bandcamp bio of the one true Bostonian victor. Sheerly man, only mortal, but with his Microfiber-rubbed sunnies set on the horizon, he writes:

“Dystopian futures and human demise. Artificial intelligence on the brink of full control. One man stands to fight for human survival. 



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