This weather is meant to last until October so I hear and I’m not sure if that makes me want to laugh or cry. On one side, I’m really pleased that my t-shirt tan is going to be around for a least another two months or so. On the other, I feel quite sorry for the trees and grass (refer to my gardening post from the other week to fully understand how much I love gardening, if you’re wondering my Fuchsia is doing amazingly). Let’s face it, it could rain more couldn’t it? It’s like all our summers have come at once. I’m really struggling to fight the urge to bitch and moan about the heat. If I moan, I feel as though I’m fulfilling my heritage as an English Man which is to whine about EVERYTHING – I don’t want to be that guy. “Oh god, it’s so fucking hot isn’t it?”, “Ye, it’s horrible isn’t it?”, “I’d rather die.”. You watch though – as soon as it starts raining again, along come the “Oh ye, there we go typical English summer, rain already”, “That lasted long didn’t it?”. Apart from the heat coming outta the sky let’s talk about summa da heat coming from “Screamo”, todays track of the day from Sean Nicholas Savage. I’ve been a fan of Mr Savage for sometime now. When I was in school I wrote a review for his track You Changed Me‘ for some English homework, got myself one of the highest grades I’ve ever attained, B+.

This track is a straight up MJ B-Side. The instrumentation and the falsetto fuse together perfectly to make this soulful, heartachey, funky, jumpy number. Well done sir. Glad to see you’ve still got lots to give.

– Conor

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