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Zuke ‘The Portal’

“An exploratory journey into the physicality of immense bass, aimed at confronting big systems head-on.”

In his own words, Kiwi keyboardist/producer Ed Zuccollo is embarking on new sonic territory—that which is fat, lush, and playfully inexorable. Equipped with a fully fueled jetpack of early 00’s DnB, Zuccolo’s project Zuke treks forward into the muscle-shaking bass Amazon, face-first with the feral creatures of the jungle revival.

In reference to his self-ascribed concept, I take Zuccollo’s coined “big systems” to serve as a contemporary depiction of “the man.” “Going up against the man” means fighting for revolution amidst socially embedded constraints. While traditionally, “the man” referred to a single person or group of people, thus serving as a direct correlation to an antagonistic human form, the current age’s definition must be one that provides for other manifestations of megalomaniacism. In this way, potential thwartings to our individuality may come from a variety of systems—clandestinely capitalist educational programs, novelty-fetishising work environments, or self-scrutinizing social media. Our everyday panopticon has a variety of watchmen, most of whom’s veritable identity is probabilistically impossible to trace.

Yet, Zuccollo’s passion burns strong. Like a beacon in the night, it illuminates that which is beautiful in both man and machine. It reinfuses our life with the caffeine of inspiration, and depollutes our air of distracting corruptions to instead fill our lungs with lifelong positivity. It gives way to trailing decays of fear, and ensuing shouts of youthful vigor. It Slaps.

Pop this puppy on your e-TT. UK is back, bb’s.


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