I’ve noticed throughout the day today that the over-the-top, sweltering weather is starting to make a return. I’m not a miserable person, but I do generally prefer the cold – hence why after recent weeks, being stuck in a mad stormy interlude in the Peak District this weekend was actually not too bad. No matter what the weather is like everyone will always complain one way or another. Fact. You can never win. I’ll just always stick to overcast weather, and remember not to be upset with a little bit of rain, something that Treeboy & Arc can help me with. Their track which was self-released last month, named ‘Midnight Mass’ is a bit of stormy-punk brilliance. The initial science fiction like synth is NOT a sign of things to come as an aggressive but brilliant barrage of sound is soon unleashed making you want to jump out your seat in your office and run to the hills and not care about anything (in a good way). Hailing from Leeds, this is a track for fans of the likes of Shame with Ian Curtis overtones on the vocals, creating a raucous and unpredictable brand of punk, which Treeboy & Arc present in such an exciting and full throttle manner. Enjoy.

– George

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