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John J Presley ‘True Love Waits’

Apparently, someone has taken a pickaxe to Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, which gives me great pleasure. For a man whose ego is seemingly so fragile and based solely on rank, it must sting when someone takes a literal swing at your celebrity. Then again, it may only serve to fuel his deeply held belief that the left are ‘out to get him’, and it may even endear him to his supporters. It’s a hard line to tow – Michelle Obama famously said that ‘when they go low, we go high’. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be working against the rapidly rising far-right, in both this country and across the world. I think we may need to start ‘going low’. Yes, we still need to use facts, hard evidence, and compassion when fighting bigotry, but taking the moral high ground isn’t really effective enough when the person or movement you are fighting has NO morals. Saying that, Donald Trump appears to be completely indestructible when it comes to smear campaigns – this man has sexually assaulted women, made astonishing diplomatic blunders, and consistently fucked up and yet enjoys seemingly unwavering support from his voters. It’s pretty soul destroying, but still, let’s stop taking a knives to a gunfights (and take a pickaxe instead). Keeping to the America thing, I’m listening to the Americana/blues inspired new release from long-time friend of Killing Moon John J Presley. ‘True Love Waits’ is a slow burner, with sultry guitar riffs in dirty distorted tones, and growling baritone vocals as the electric bluesman gives us a taste of whats to come from his debut album. Truly cool listening. Enjoy.


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